Sunday, September 23, 2018

Getting back into LOTR

My brother introduced me to the Battle Companies system for the (Lord of the Rings) Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game.

The idea is that you play scenarios with a small group of regular figures, who 'level up' by spending points to upgrade them. They can die, or get lingering wounds, or turn into mighty heroes, etc, as time passes and you play more games. You can also gain new recruits to enhance your forces, but can never go above having 14 figures on your team.

I've been playing Harad against my brother's Dwarves, but am putting together a range of small Battle Company teams of different factions now just for fun.

You can read about our games and see more photos at my brother's blog:

At the moment, I'm putting together some Rohan people. I found some already assembled, partly painted ones for cheap on ebay, then finished the painting, washed, based, etc, so I was able to do these guys faster than usual.

As always, click the picture for a bigger view.

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