Saturday, December 30, 2017

First Original Character Sculpt: Robin Spellhood

So, I mentioned I'm making a 3D board game. It's a "stealth-fantasy". Sort of like crossing the early Thief PC games with the tile-based style of gaming in early PC RPGs like Ultima V, but in 3D on your tabletop.

The Core Set of the board game is going to be released as a free-to-play game, under a make-it-for-yourself from downloadable content method.

Then I'll be creating ongoing stories, expansion packs, adventures and DLC that I might charge some money for if people want to have ongoing gaming in the Spellhood universe. Otherwise, they can get all the Core Set stuff for free and use it as they please. For example, they could use the 3D Core Set map tiles to create scenes for Dungeons and Dragons or whatever.

The game idea:

Robin is a princess in exile, and heir of the imprisoned King Edward. A tyrant seized the throne, stripped all the nobles of their possessions, and gave it all to his militant henchmen and henchwomen.

Before the King was captured he sent Robin to hide out in the wilderness, and gave her two artefacts from the Royal Vaults that might help her one day stand against the Tyrant: the mysterious Wand of Shadows and the Orb of True Sight.

The Wand grants her magical powers, but drains her of energy each time she uses it. She must rest to restore energy -- but only if safe to do so.

The Orb allows her to see the positions and activities of any person within 100 meters of her, granting her a birds-eye view of the current board game level and the movements of the NPCs, so she can plan her moves and try to get through the mission without anyone ever knowing she had been there.

While the Tyrant sees her as a wretched royal brat who must be eliminated, as she retrieves stolen treasures and returns them to the citizens of the realm, the people call her Robin Spellhood, and place their hope in her one day restoring her father to the Throne and bringing peace again to the land.

So, here's my first go at 3D sculpting a fantasy character of my own!

I created the model using a program called Sculptris, and the aid of 'getting started' free object files by Thingiverse user DutchMogul, then edited it further with some custom posing, sculpting and modelling. You can view, and even download and print her out for yourself if you want, the model on Thingiverse, and read more about its details here:

Robin Spellhood on Thingiverse

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