Friday, January 27, 2017

making a fantasy miniatures board game

So I've got lots of board games and miniatures games that I like, but I want to create a solitaire or coop style board game with elements that I like from other things, and taking away elements that I don't like.

The evil Dragonlord Zentraxis has somehow returned to life, and while restoring his energies, is raising armies of monsters across the land!

There are eight towns along the length of a river. On the opposite bank of the river is a vast forest land of ruins where there was once an ancient city. Each Level consists of a Town (off the map) where you can shop, heal, fulfil quests, etc, and local Ruins (the map) where you explore, fight monsters, etc.

As always, click on image for bigger view.

The idea is that there is a river with a bridge over it (entrance/exit) at one end of the table.

Then there are randomly arranged 'rooms' and 'passages' of ruined and collapsed walls to create the ruins of an ancient city. The map is then populated with foliage / trees as well.

This creates a 'level' map of the game.

Then 10 green tokens are placed, scattered across the map. These are Green Encounter Tokens.

Each turn, the player can move their Hero and allies across the map, and when they have line of sight to an Encounter Token, they must draw an Encounter Card of that colour. So on level one, you would draw a Green Encounter Card to see what happens.

If it is a monster to fight, you must place its miniature on the map, and now each turn it can move and fight as well! You must defeat the figure to gain any rewards. As you move about and do battle, you might gain line of sight to other tokens in the process, activating more enemies!

If the card is not a battle, it could be all sorts of things like bits of story, a quest to do, and so on. In that case, read the card and do what it says, then draw another card, until you draw a battle. So in that case, multiple things might happen when the encounter token is revealed.

Level One has 10 green tokens.
Level Two has 5 green tokens and 5 yellow tokens.
Level Three has 10 yellow tokens.
Level Four has 5 yellow tokens and 5 blue tokens.
Level Five has 10 blue tokens.
Level Six has 5 blue tokens and 5 red tokens.
Level Seven has 10 red tokens.
Level Eight has 5 special White Tokens and is the End Game level.

Here's some examples:

A Story Upgrade tells you a bit more about the developing story, and may also have something that happens as well - like this card, which allows you to get a free Market Card (items, weapons, armour, etc) the next time you're in town.

Some cards have negative effects as the story develops, like this one where the Hero gets cursed!

Here's a monster example. The Death Hound! So if you drew this card, you would replace the Encounter Token with a miniature of a Death Hound (any monster miniature that looks wolfish or doggish would work.)

  • Instinct covers things like dodging, hiding, shooting ranged weapons, and so on.
  • Physical is stuff like strength, melee fighting, and so on.
  • Mystical is stuff like lore, magic spells, diplomacy, and so on.

I was inspired by the board game Rune Bound when thinking how this would work.

The first number for an Attribute is the monster's score. You have to roll equal to or greater than their score to succeed against them. The second number is if they are able to do any damage against you.

  • Instinct means if you have line of sight to each other, ranged combat can occur each turn.
  • Physical means figures must be adjacent to each other.
  • At the end of the turn, any figures able to perform Mystical (magic) attacks can also do so.

Here's a monster from the Yellow level of the game.

The way ranged combat works, is that if you have line of sight to a figure, and you have a ranged weapon, or they have ranged damage, then you must make an Instinct roll each turn. If you roll equal to or greater than their Instinct Score, then you succeeded in dodging their attack (and dealing damage if you are able). If you rolled less than their Instinct Score then they have dealt damage to you instead (and if you had a ranged attack, you missed).

If both yourself and the monster have 0 damage for Instinct, it means neither of you can perform ranged attacks.

This Undead Patrol has both Instinct and Physical, meaning they can make ranged attacks against you each turn, and also perform melee attacks if you are adjacent. (Once figures are adjacent, ranged attacks cannot be made, only physical)

I used photos of my painted miniatures to represent the monsters, which also makes it easy to know what figure to place on the table when a card is dealt.

Anyway, I'm still having fun developing the idea and playing around with how it will work :)

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  1. nice, would love to se more Story Upgrade cards