Wednesday, October 16, 2013

READ NOW if you like collecting miniatures !!!

Reaper Miniatures are at it again - I wish I'd learned about this sooner, but there's still 10 days to go!

Their BONES miniatures range are highly detailed plastic miniatures, and last year they did an amazing thing - they created a Kickstarter for the production of a new range of figures, and if you bought into the Kickstarter, you got the miniatures at an incredibly discount price.

They're doing it again!

If you pre-order their 2013 $100 Core Set, it works out so far to about just 80 cents per figure!!! And the more people who pledge, the more figures get automatically added to everyone's Core Sets (without any increase in price!), and the cheaper each of those figures will become!

Then there's Core Set Add Ons, where you can order extras of any figures you really like that are in the Core Set.

The there's $50 Expansions - for $50, you get another whole range of figures. The first expansion has giants, dragons, and monsters, etc.

Then there's Options, which are individual figure or set purchases that are not available in the Core Set, but are only available as separate purchases, with even more amazing dragons and monsters and stuff.

Check out their range - and remember that the more people who join in and pledge to order miniatures, the more miniatures they will add to the Kickstarter, and the more stuff people will end up getting when the Kickstarter finishes.

And remember, these prices will not be repeated - ONLY people who join the Kickstarter will get the figures at these insane prices. After that, when the figures come into retail production, they will sell at regular miniatures prices.

So, for $100, the 2013 Core Set currently give more than 100 figures! And as the pledges go up, more and more figures will get added for free into the Core Set!

Visit their pledge site here:

Also, if you look at the UPDATES page (see the menu across the top of the video at the top of the page), there are photos of the miniature sets on those pages that are bigger and show the detail of the figures a lot better.

Basically, any photo with a dark purple background is a miniature automatically included in the $100 2013 Core Set.

The blue background photo is Expansion Two, which has things added to it the more people pledge.

The orange background photos are Options that are purchased on their own, and are not part of expansions or the core set.

The sort of dark yellow/ochre background photos are Expansion One, which is now complete and not being added to further. All the things on that photo are included for just $50.

The light purple background are Add-Ons. Basically, they list each of the sets that are included in the Core Set, and allow you to order extras of any sets that you want to have a bigger group of.

You can even get a bag of standard round Figure Bases - 50 of them, for just $10 !!! Compare that to 10 of them, for $7 at Games Workshop, and that's a LOT of figure bases for cheap!

But remember, there's only 10 days left - it ends on Satuday October 26th here in Australia, I think that's the 25th in the USA? (Or perhaps that's the other way around. Check the site and log in to your account if you create one, to see the correct date in your Country's time zone)

The other amazing thing is that they met their initial $30,000 goal in just 3 minutes! I don't know if that's a Kickstarter record, but it sure sounds like one! Congratulations to Reaper Miniatures!

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