Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Blog Style and current activities

So, I was having some technical glitches with this blog, and it turns out it is because they changed how blogs are scripted, etc, on here, and that Google is making everything a part of its Google+ thing now. So I converted to Google+, and had to basically reset all the styling of the blog. I couldn't remember what it was like before, so I've set up a new look for it.

Anyhow, my brother got back to his Hirst Arts weathertop inspired ruins (see the link below), which look fantastic on his lava pit wasteland Realm of Battle Board:

I was rather impressed (I love Hirst Arts constructions!) and it inspired me to do a bit more work on my own Hirst Arts creations, so I've pulled out all my plaster and corkboard and paint, and have started working on my 3D dungeon tiles again. So I'm back on my goal of trying to make enough ground tile pieces to be able to lay out any of the dungeon maps in the boardgame Descent.

Once I can get all the Dungeon tiles created, I can get back to working on outside wilderness tiles, so I can finally, finally, play a campaign of Road to Legend using 3D tiles - which is the campaign that inspired me to take a look at the Descent game in the first place.

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