Friday, June 7, 2013

Skeletons and more tiles!

Finished the regular Skeletons last night. Now I only have three unpainted minis for playing Descent left - being three of the gargoyle/razorwing figures that are still white plastic. All the other monsters look playable now :)

And I've got enough tiles to do a number of different Quest maps now! I found that Quest 2 is the longest/widest of all the quests, and the only quest that won't fit entirely on my table. I had to remove a 2x2 tile from the passageways, and now it fits. I figure, 2 squares shouldn't make much of a difference. I counted out how many squares wide all the other maps are in the books, and they all fit fine. Anyway, here's the ground layout of one of the Quests with some of monsters thrown on :) Note the three unpainted Gargoyle/Razorwings. They're next on my paint list.


  1. Looking great, can't wait to play on it! Up to the last question on my last assignment now, should finish it all off on Monday, I hope!

  2. Looks rad, man! Those skeletons are just plain stellar. :)