Saturday, March 9, 2013

Descent Level 1 with monsters, almost finished!

Thought I'd post this one as well today, with the level 1 monsters on the board :) A few monsters still need to be finished - one of the razorwings (gargoyles) and two of the skeleton archers, and I haven't done a repaint on the pre-painted troll yet, so I'll get to that at some stage. As always, click for bigger picture!


  1. Looking really great!
    How many of the pieces you've made so far will be carried over into level 2?

    1. All of these tiles can go onto the next levels, but I'll need a couple extra ones. Counting the squares, I've got 190 floor spaces in my current tiles, and the next level has 220, So 7 more 2x2 tiles and one 1x2 tile, and I can do the next level. The level after that is about 230, and it looks like they just increase by a bit each time.

  2. It's all looking good. Take a look at my The Hobbit, Goblins. Finally got some pics up. Nathan's Fiction Sphere

  3. Pretty nice, maybe I'll try sometime something like that for a D&D game!