Friday, March 8, 2013

3D Hirst Arts: more tiles and water puddles

To start with today, here's some tiles, half way through painting. I just wanted to show how after putting texture paint between squares, then painting grey, I sometimes drybrush one or two squares with yellow or green paint. Then I wash, and drybrush with karak stone. The karak stone ties all the squares together really well when done, but the hint of colour adds some nice subtle variation to the squares on the table - though before the karak stone goes on, it really stands out a lot.

On the right are numerous 'puddles' / 'rock pools' in the floor, in the gaps between squares. As before, I fully paint the tiles up, then I put dark green wash where I want water to go, and when that's dried, a couple coats of clear gloss. As seen on some of the unfinished tiles above, I try to leave flat untextured areas where I want water to go.

This is also a good shot here, for seeing how the boards are lots of small pieces - 3x3s, 2x2s, 2x1s, and 1x1s.

and here I'm trying to take a photo so that light is glinting off the 'water' in the bottom left, to try and show how the green wash + gloss coats looks. It's hard to capture on camera.

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