Monday, March 4, 2013

3D Hirst Arts: More progress

Managed to get some more tiles done today, to add to those I did previously. I ran out of Agrax Earthshade, so I've been watering down Devlan Mud as my half-strength wash, and while it makes the squares a slightly different color after washing, when I put the Karak Stone drybrushing over the pieces afterwards, it ties them in great with the tiles I did previously, so for now I'm just going to keep using the watered down Devlan Mud  until that runs out, then order some more supplies.

I can now make a couple of rooms and passageways out of the individual segments (3x3 squares, 2x2's, 2x1's and 1x1's) but still need plenty more to make a level from the Descent board game's quest books. I was going to fill in between each square with detail flocking and stuff, but I actually quite like the visual depth created from the gaps between the tiles. I'm still adding some minor details here and there for interest (such as the tile 3 to the left of the bottom right corner, where I put a rockpool of water around a small stone tile).

The barrel and crate were just plaster accessory pieces, and painted up great with a coat of paint and a wash - I was rather surprised at the detail in the wood, for a piece of plaster.

A couple of the squares, I drybrushed with yellow, or green, before washing and karak stone'ing, to give some subtle tint variations.

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