Saturday, March 9, 2013

3D Hirst Arts: almost completed Level 1 !!!

I've created all the tiles now for level 1 and a couple other levels of Descent, 1st ed, but have run out of glue (to make two more doors) and texture paint and wash (to finish the last room of tiles). However, I've put enough together that I can most certainly play on it now :) So I'll be trying out my first game with the 3D board, while it isn't yet complete, but its complete enough for playing on for now (until I get more supplies in a week or so).

I also decided I didn't like the look of painted 'pits' under the wooden planks, as it didn't fit in with everything else being 3D, so I turned the 'pits' into pools of water :)

In a few places around the outside of the floor tiles, I sit obstacle terrain to add more 3D feel to the board (cavern wall pieces) as well as putting those kinds of pieces where obstacle terrain goes in room and passages.

By turning my grass Citadel mat upside down, I can use its black underside, and now I've got automatic 'pits' simply by having no floor tile, and the black showing.

I also decided to add even more yellow drybrushing to the wall/obstacle pieces, to make them stand out from the floor a bit more.

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