Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3D Hirst Arts: 3D Doors!

Okay, a break from tiles to do some doors :)

I'm out of agrax earthshade AND devlan mud, so I've watered down Nuln Oil (black wash) to do the doors. I hoped that, like the devlan mud, once the final Karak Stone drybrush goes on, the stonework will blend in fine with all the other stonework of the tiles. It turned out fine, and the black wash worked well with the wood parts of the doors.

To start, here's all the pieces for doing three doors. You need two Door pieces for front/back, two arch pieces for front,back, and two pillar halves for each side of the door.

Here I've just sat them on top of each other and next to each other, to get an idea of what the finished shape is.

I glued halves together, and base painted all of the pieces. I used the standard medium grey colour I'm using on all stonework for the game. For wood, I'm using Cadian Fleshtone which is a sort of light browny pinkish color. For the metal on the door I'm using a very light grey. I painted the gaps between the 'bars' of the window with black paint, because it is much darker than if I just relied on wash to fill in the gaps.

 I tried washing the doors standing up, but I found that the 50% watered down black wash collected toward the bottom, leaving no wash detail in the top half of the doors. So I then laid the doors down, and rewashed the top halves of them, then washed the whole of the other side with the doors lying down flat, and it was much better.

Here's all the pieces after they've been washed with 50% watered nuln oil.

Then I assembled them into the finished doors.

To finish them off, I drybrushed all of the stonework with Karak Stone as usual, and I used a small brush to 'dot' paint light grey onto each of the bolts in the metal on the doors, to highlight them and make them stand out.

And here they are, replacing the cardboard stand-ups on my table :)
(sorry for the blurriness on this one!)

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