Thursday, February 14, 2013

washes and spiders

Here's a before and after, with base painting a spider bright purple, then applying a dark purple wash and letting it dry. I used a flash, so that it was not shaded by the local room lights, so the effects of the wash could be seen better.

After that, I drybrushed the edges of the model's shapes with a wide flat brush, with white paint, then I drybrushed with the bright purple again, to get a bright purple highlight on the model edges. Then I just blobbed yellow dots onto the eyes and they're done!

before and after a wash. Wash takes about 5 seconds to cover the model, rather than hand-painting shading and stuff onto the model.

(here's the completed spiders after drybrush white, then drybrush light purple, and dotting the eyes)

(slightly blurry, but the above group shot shows what they look like a bit better)


  1. Put them in a base, and tadda! Mirkwood spiders so easily.

  2. You might as well have just waited till you posted this post before you told me about the washes :) This is a good post, and I like how you've shown the before and after miniature. You can really see the difference the wash makes. Good job