Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reaper Bones Minis Painted

I did up one each of the Bones plastic minis from Reaper today, of the Gargoyle, Werewolf and Skeleton Archers (which I'm using as proxies for Descent: Journeys in the Dark as Razorwings, Beastmen and Skeleton Archers).

I glued metal discs under their bases (they have partial bases as part of their sculpts) to weigh and balance the figures, then used liquid green stuff to blend the metal into the plastic figures.

I undercoated all in white.

Then I painted the Skel's quiver and bow in a pinky brown colour, and the quiver strap in purple, and the arrow feathers in white.

Beastman was all in pinky brown colour, with white fangs and claws, and purple tongue.

Gargoyle had purple wings fading to medium grey, then body in medium grey, with white fangs and claws.

Bases in medium grey.

Then all washed in Agrax Earthshade to bring out all the detail and give a slight brown tone to everything.

Then drybrushed the original colours back onto raised surfaces, though with the skeleton I used Ushabti Bone to highlight instead of white. I dotted bright yellow eyes on the Gargoyles and Werewolves (a tip I got from my brother years ago - the tiny yellow dots really stand out)

Then I drybrushed the bases and stony areas in Karak Stone, including some parts of the Gargoyle.

Then finally a couple touches of drybrushing Elysian Green for a touch of mossy look on the stone.

I'll probably glue on some of those little 'moss' pieces I used on the Descent heroes bases earlier.

(I was a little too close to these two guys, hence the blurriness of their front sides.)

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