Saturday, February 9, 2013

LOTR Scale vs Reaper Bones and DnD Miniatures

Two shots here. The first has the Runewitch Astarra posing with some of the monsters, to give an idea of their scale vs Descent heroes. The second is the same shot, but with a Lord of the Rings: Haradrim Archer posing for LOTR scale vs the monsters.

I didn't realise when I bought them, but I think the Bones range of Reaper Bones miniatures is actually 35mm and not 28mm (skeleton, gargoyle, werewolf). I don't have any humanoid DnD figures, so I'm not sure what their scale is. It's not so important with monsters, but the Reaper Bones skeleton archers loom over the Descent and LOTR humans. I've decided that is because the skeletons are undead remnants of some other fantasy race that died out, rather than them being human skeletons.

The monsters are a lot smaller than LOTR model monsters, but it's because these ones are made for playing on a 1x1", 1x2", or 2x2" board game grid, rather than free-form wargaming.

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