Thursday, February 7, 2013

Descent: Proxy Figures for Nagas and Skeletons

Got a bunch more proxy figures in the mail today, to use in place of Descent's original minis (which weren't included with the game when I won it at auction). The skeletons are the Bones range from Reaper, which I've painted, and the Nagas were pre-painted DnD figures, which I decided I would paint over the top of after all, because when they arrived I found there really wasn't much detail to their paint job at all.

In Descent, red figures represent Masters - the elite monsters, so I'm going to continue the red theme when painting up figures. Here I've done the three Master Skeletons, and the Master Naga, next to the regular skeleton I painted the other day, and two regular Nagas I painted today. I was hoping the skeletons would look sort of 'burnt embers' or something, like glowy rare monsters in Diablo 2 or something, but I'm happy enough with how they turned out.

I'm more impressed with how much better the Nagas look - particularly since the pre-painted figures had no highlighting, and I found the sculpts actually had some great detail on them.

I'm working on other pre-painted DnD figures at the moment, in particular some Manticores which I'll hopefully finish tomorrow. I had a good idea with the manticores: they already looked allright, so I just applied a dark red wash to the body and wings of one, and a dark green wash to the body and wings of the other two, and after that I'll just add some drybrush highighting. The washes have dried, and it's changed their colours really well, to make the 'master' manticore stand out from the others.

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