Monday, February 18, 2013

3D Hirst Arts: Rock Formations

Some of the cavern accessory pieces are rock formations, stalagmites, etc.

I'm using them for rubble/impassable terrain, so I based them on some of the cork tiles (I'm using the great thicker cork tiles I bought from Bunnings for all the dungeon tiles - not the flimsy stuff I ordered on the internet which I used for those outside tiles that warped and curved from the glue)

I glued the plaster pieces together to assemble the rock formations / stalagmites, and put textured paint around them on the cork base.

Then I painted with the watery grey I used on the dungeon tiles, then I washed in the watered Agrax Earthshade as before, then drybrushed with Karak Stone, also as before.

I used some Thraka Green wash (the old version of the GW green wash) where the rock pools go, and then put gloss on top to try for an underground water look. I think I need to put a couple more coats of gloss on, to make it look right.

I looked up cavern formations on the net, and the rock formations that are sort of like downward streaks of rock had sulfery yellow streaks in lots of photos, so I drybrushed some yellow down on those parts of the rock formations.


  1. Coming up really nicely! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Everythings really coming along isn't it. Very good.