Monday, February 18, 2013

3D Hirst Arts: Plaster Pieces Arrived and starting on tiles!

Awesome! All the cast plaster pieces arrived today!

So, here's piles of the various stuff:

In this shot, I've stacked 1x1's, half tiles, more 1x1's, and then I've snapped some 2x1's along their creases so I can spread them out on my gapped grid!

Here's a bucket load more tiles!

And some cavern scenery pieces - like crates, stalagmites, etc

I got the plaster cast through a local Aussie company called Griffin Grove. It took a while, because they only cast on the weekends, and I ordered a lot of repeat castings of the molds, but they did a fantastic job - the pieces all look really great!

I've started work on some pieces, to get a feel for how I want to assemble the dungeon tiles:

To begin with, I laid out the pieces - a mix of 1x1's and snapped 2x1's, and a 'hole' in the middle with some wooden planks over it.

Then I glued down the stonework.

Then I painted textured paint into the gaps between the tiles, and around the 'hole' in the middle.

While it was still wet, I glued the planks down, pressing them into the textured paint on either side. I stuck them at slightly odd angles, for interest.

Here's a sorcerer for scale. The gapping means that figures aren't base-to-base touching, so larger figures, or poses with weapons jutting out, etc, can all fit together on the grid.

Plaster takes paint a little differently to how plastic or metal does - the outer layer of the plaster absorbs the pigment. To paint it up, you need to water down the paint, so you can easily spread it around and get it into the cracks and details. I mixed two parts of my medium grey (the one I got from the hardware store ages back in a tin) with one part of water, in an empty paint pot, shook it up, then used a wash brush to give an undercoat to the whole piece.
In my next post, I'll be painting the planks brown, painting the pit area black, washing the piece with 50/50 watered down Agrax Earthshade, then drybrushing with Karak Stone, and some touches of green or tan here and there, and maybe adding some static grass and fake moss in a few places for interest! Already, with just the undercoat on, details and 3D depth are beginning to show :)


  1. So did you specify the designs for production? or were they pre-made then you just asked for castings?

    1. They are pre-made designs, by Hirst Arts - they do a massive range of plaster molds for model pieces, such as medieval, sci fi, egyptian, etc. I then paid a company (Griffin Grove here in Australia) to cast all of the pieces and deliver them for me.

    2. Well, it's all turning out quite good. Just seen the doors, and they really work well.

    3. Thanks! It's a lot of fun :)