Thursday, January 3, 2013

Step by Step Skeleton Warrior

Okay, so here's a step-by-step paint-up of a skeleton warrior I did today :)
The figure is an old Mage Knight figure which I rebased on a 25mm disc, and repainted for fun.

Here's how he looks next to the human archer figure.

To start with, I based him in GW's Ceramite White base paint, which goes great onto anything, even plastic/rubbery models, without pooling or pulling away from the model.

For shades of grey, I've got dark grey, medium grey, and light grey, in large sample paint pots, using acryclic house paint. Basically, I went to the hardware store, and got him to mix up three shades of paint into sample pots, then I use an eyedropper to fill old Citadel paint pots with the different shades, and tape the name of the house paint on the front so I can remember what they are :)  So, for the chainmail, I painted in the light grey first.

Next I used the medium grey for the plated breastplate and helmet.

Then I used the dark shade of grey to make a shadowy area along the bottom of the polearm blade.

Then the medium grey to do the middle of the blade.

then the light grey along the top.

Next I did the cloth hanging from the polearm, and the lining of the chainmail skirting, in a bright red.

Boots and wooden pole in brown.

Cover it all with nuln oil! Wait 30 seconds or so, then carefully with the brush, dab wherever the wash is pooling to absorb the extra wash, so it doesn't leave big black drops on the figure. Wait another 30 seconds or so, and repeat, etc, until there are no giant blobs of black, then leave the figure to completely dry.

With the light grey, highlight the edge of the blade again, and also the up-facing edges of the plating on the helmet and breastplate.

Slap some medium grey paint onto the figure's base to match the other figures.

And it's done! Take a photo in some better lighting to show it off :)

I'm not basing any of my dungeon crawling fantasy figures yet, just slapping medum grey on their bases for now, as I want to eventually have a 3D dungeon for them to play in, and I want to paint the bases later so they will match the dungeon tiles.

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