Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Camera and Serpent Guard Spearman

I'm into photography, and wanted to upgrade my camera for ages. Finally got the new cam yesterday - Canon G1X. It's bigger, bulkier, heavier, than my SX130, but it's image detail level and color accuracy are bucket loads higher. It can't do 1cm macro like on my SX130, but if I take a standard non-zoomed photo with the G1X, and just crop around the figure in the photo, the image still looks better than a 1cm macro with my old camera!

Anyway, I was going about the house taking a million photos to try all the settings out, and did a pic of one of my serpent guards (which I paint up and talk about in earlier blog posts). Actually, they're just harad spearmen, with a handmade back-banner, painted in a different scheme to usual, rather than the GW serpent guard models.

Here's how it came out!

This is the uncropped shot. It was originally over 4000 pixels wide, so I shrunk it to a smaller size for posting on the blog.
Here's a 1436 x 1061 crop taken out of just the figure, to make a macro/zoomed looking size image of it :)
I haven't done any image editing on this at all. With the SX130, I always correct white levels, or click autobalance, or do something on the computer, to try and make it look more like it does in real life, but I'm really happy with how these photos turn out, straight from this camera :)


  1. I love the mask! Did you sculpt that or did you just paint a shadow effect?

    1. Thanks! I painted his face black, then painted the bottom part and jaw in flesh, and the top part in gold, leaving a thin sliver of black between them. I used some black wash to put 'holes' where his eyes are.

    2. wow. It turned out great. Definitively going to have to steal your technique sometime.