Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Blog Name, New Content

(edit: removed previous photo for one that looks better)

Hi everyone!

So, I've been tinkering with a range of fantasy miniatures over the years, and I want to play some fantasy board games, do some rpg'ing, and some random dungeon crawling, and stuff. I thought of making yet another blog, but I decided that I would do something else instead: I've renamed my LOTR blog as "Paul's Fantasy Miniatures Blog". The address for the blog is the same, so no need to make a new bookmark or anything if you're a return visitor.

So, in addition to Lord of the Rings collecting and painting, I'll also be putting all sorts of other stuff on here from time to time, to collect my hobby in one place.

I'm going to be launching into my Minas Tirith and Rohan forces again soon, as I worked out that I've got about 1000 points worth of guys! They aren't all painted up, or based, though, and my Rohan riders aren't even glued together yet, so getting that army finished will be my next LOTR priority.

Since the Minas Tirith soldiers are basically metal with metal highlights, I struggle a little when finishing them up, so to make things interesting, every couple of Minas Tirith soldiers I do, I'll reward myself with a fantasy miniature from somewhere else.

Years ago I played a game called Mage Knight, which is a click-base game. It was a one of those random collectible pre-painted games, with not-the-greatest pre-painting, and what looked like low-detail sculpts. I've stated cutting the figures I like off their click-bases, and gluing them onto 25mm round bases, and repainting them up. I'm trying out something new - undercoating in white, and then using comic-book style colours for a bright and cartoony fantasy look.

Here's how the Mage Knight figures are turning out so far!

Water Elemental (Covered in numerous gloss coats for a wet look)
Dark Elf Adventurer
Human Archer / Ranger

I love how the water elemental turned out (don't quite get the glossy effect in a photo) and from different angles it looks like a curving wave rolling forwards. The dark elf adventurer was my first try at using bright comic book colours. Some of the details didn't turn out how I really wanted though, as I forgot which pot was my Nuln Oil wash, and which was my watered down Nuln Oil Wash, and used the watered down one on the figure by mistake, so the wash didn't really bring out any of the figures details, but just a subtle shading to it. The archer used proper wash, so the details came out much better. I'm working on a step-by-step for a skeleton warrior, and it's working out a whole lot better, so I'll post that up later :)

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