Saturday, January 26, 2013

LOTR / Descent figure size comparison

I was asked what size the Descent figures were, so I thought I'd post this to show the difference in sculpting size between the GW and Descent / Runebound figures. The GW figures are a fraction taller, and I think the GW figures have exaggerated the thickness of legs, arms, and size of head, compared to a real person, to make the features more visible, easier to paint, and with more sculpted details, while the Descent figures are shaped  with limbs, hands, feet and head, in a more life-size proportion to each other for each figure type, so they look more like a person with some great poses but the sculpt has a lot less or shallower detail in it. The head is about half the width of a GW head, so it is harder to paint the face detail on them, but still possible. The average ankle is only 1/3 the width of a GW ankle.

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  1. Thanks! As it seems, somebody didn't eat all hear food when she was young!
    Given that LOTR minis have a slightly taller base, and that the woman on the right isn't standing "straight", they are approximately the same height, I'm sure you can find a use for them in other 1:60 games.