Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3rd Gondor Progress

Okay, here's a progress shot for Minas Tirith soldiers. Basically, our soldiers come from a number of different backgrounds:

- Ones my brother was given from friends who don't play, that were already basic painted, that my brother based to match his boards.

- Ones my brother painted when we were first getting started with LOTR, and based to match his boards.

- Ones I painted when we first started collecting LOTR, that haven't been based yet.

- Ones my brother got for me on ebay that were basic painted, but not based yet.

I then went through the whole collection, and gave them all a Nuln Oil wash, as none of them had washes on them, and am now in the process of highlighting all the metal with Runefang Steel. The idea is 'nice' tabletop quality, but not display quality, as they are regular grunts - and there are tons of them to paint.

The hope is that while they are all painted slightly differently and in different levels of skill, the Runefang Steel highlight will give them all a final togetherness, so they will all blend together on the battlefield.

All the figures that haven't been based yet, I am just painting their bases in a flat Dawnstone grey at the moment (as they were currently in an assortment of different bases colours) so that all the army will end up with grey stony bases at the end. I'll add some rocky flock and stuff to the unbased ones at a later date, once all the figure painting is finished.

So, here's the first batch of 10 soldiers for today :)


  1. They look good. I am 'off and on' busty with a batch of them myself.

    One little thing, their gloves were for the most part black leather, rather than mailed. But its up to you how you choose to depict them.


    1. Hi! Thanks for checking them out.
      Yes, I'm not really going for authenticity with my figures. Partly because my minas tirith collection was spread across four different original painters, (so there's leather gloves, and even bare hands, in the mix) so I'm just trying to wash and metal highlight them all at the moment, to tie them together a bit visually, but aren't going to do a full repaint on the masses.

    2. sorry, "busy" with a batch of them...

  2. Coming up well, glad to see some progress, though maybe not so glad to think that I may be facing Boromir again soon!
    I think your strategy will work well for unifying the force in a relatively simple way.

  3. The far left warrior carries a .... ?
    I like the rusty look of them, better than my shine Warriors surely!

    1. Hi! He's got a spear, but that one has a slight curve to the plastic, and it's tip was pointing right at the camera, so it looks like nothing's there in the photo :)