Friday, January 18, 2013

Hirst Arts 3D Tiles part 2 & Wandering Monsters

Okay, so I drew up what the different passages and room tiles would be shaped like, on my computer today, and printed out a black and white paper copy of them, so I could try out different layouts, and make sure it could fit on my table. It looks like the Hirst Arts 'Descent' rooms and passages should fit great on the table! Now I've just got to wait a few weeks for them to be cast and mailed to me...

This is my wilderness maps idea: the passage/room tiles represent cobblestone pathways and old clearings through the woods, and I surround them in the gaps with model trees to represent the forest. I think this should work pretty well once I've painted up the hirst arts pieces :) Sort of like old RPG games like "Lands of Lore" where you follow a maze-like grid path through the wilderness with impassable terrain surrounding you.

Wandering Monsters
So, a while back I made a 'wandering monster die' which was a painted D6 with things like N, S, E, W, stay still, move in direction of nearest player, marked on it. (red and green for stay of go toward nearest player).

Today I made a paper triangle with skull and crossed swords on front and back, and a slot underneath. You write down the name of a type of enemy on a slip of paper, and insert it into the slot. The trangle counter moves around the table using the wandering monster die, and the moment it is in line-of-sight to a player figure, the paper slip is read, the counter removed, and a group of monsters is spawned at that location!


  1. I think a similar scheme would work well for small scale LOTR skirmishes too. Sure, the Mumak might not fit, but small parties of a hero and some troops or just heroes might be fun to play with like that.

    1. Yes, I could picture Aragorn and a couple of Minas Tirith soldiers, trying to navigate safely through a haunted forest, with goblins, trolls and stuff lurking in the shadows :) The evil player could even put the goblin parties, trolls, etc, on labels under the wandering monster counters, so that the good player didn't know what he was heading towards until he was close enough to reveal it! Sort of like the secret monster blips in Space Hulk :)