Monday, January 21, 2013

Descent / Runebound Heroes

Descent is a board game styled after a light roleplaying game, with dungeon exploration, overland encounters, ship combat, miniatures, monsters, combat, stats, items and abilities, and all that stuff, over the course of five expansions. I don't own it at the moment, but after deciding to build a Descent style 3D Hirst Arts map tile collection, I started looking into the actual game, and discovered that it is set in the same world as the Runebound games! (Which I own). So I'll definitely be modelling my 3D map tiles after those in the game and its expansions.

I'm going to try and collect the 1st edition of the game and its expansions. The first edition is more like a roleplaying game, with some adventures taking many hours, and a campaign could take weeks to play. The second edition was 'streamlined' for fast play and more simplicity for people to just jump right in, with some quests taking just one hour or less to complete. I like the idea of the more detailed and in depth mechanics and lengthy quests of the original, (not to mention five expansions and two world-exploration campaigns) so I'm going with the 1st edition.

I found the 1st edition box on ebay for really cheap, without the miniatures, but because it uses the same heroes as Runebound/Expansions, I already have most of the Descent 1st Ed heroes! If I win the box set auction, I'll be getting prepainted DnD and Pathfinder minis super cheap for the monsters, and maybe some of the Reaper Bones ones as well. I can then repaint the minis at my leisure, but they'll be ready to play right off.

Anyhow, here's some photos of the Runebound / Descent heroes, as I'm painting them up. I actually painted some a year or two ago, so those ones just got washed. I haven't done a highlight on any of them yet, just painted and washed.  Most are from the Runebound main game, and then there's the Runebound: Frozen Wastes expansion which has the heroes from the Descent: Tomb of Ice expansion. There's still a couple unpainted ones I haven't got round to yet.

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