Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Descent / Runebound Heroes part 2

(Click photo for a better look at the figures)

I've done highlights and faces now on some of my descent / runebound figures. Only six more to do to finish those I had started painting, then I'll paint up the remaining five that I haven't started yet.

I don't usually try to paint eyes on people, I just leave it as the shadowy eyes left after applying a wash, but I thought I'd try it out differently this time. I got the smallest brush with a tiny bit of bright paint on the tip, and put a small dot on either side of the nose, then smaller dot at the other side of the eye indentation. Looking at them, you'd think I painted the pupils of the eyes, but it's just a gap between two white dots. No more trying to put the pupils in the middle and missing :) This way, the dot is always between the two white dots! Of course, some of the eyes still turned out better than others.

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