Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cardboard Giants

LOTR readers: 

I'll be doing more work on the gondor guys soon, I'm just having a small diversion with my rpg hobby at the moment. However, with my brother's Mumak and crew now done, I'm sure the next time we play will have a great battle report for you to read on his blog. If you aren't following my brother's blog, you can read about our battles, and can see his mumak, flying nazgul, lava wasteland realm of battle board, and more, at his blog here:

Cardboard Heroes Update:

I realized I can assemble some of the bigger figures after all - instead of sticking them on washers, I found they are the perfect size for some spare 15mm squad bases I had lying around. So my next step is to put these guys together. This photo below is just to show a range of the scales in Steve Jackson's Cardboard Heroes figures:

A halfling sorcerer, a human crusader, a cyclops ogre, a hill giant and a storm giant. The illustration of the human seems right about 25mm /1 inch tall for figure scale. The big storm giant illustration is about 65mm / 2.5 inches tall. The paper adds a mm or two above and below the illustrations. (Just click it to get a better look at the figures.)

The figures available on the giants page cover most of the traditional DnD and Gurps fantasy fare, and make me think back to the monster manual for ADnD 2nd Edition. The figures are:

cyclops ogre (in the photo)
japanese ogre
ogre with club
frost giant with greataxe
frost giant (axe/shield)
stone giant (club, boulders)
two-headed giant (ettin with spiked club)
fire giant (sword and shield)
fire giant with greatsword
hill giant (club)
hill giant (with club, in the photo)
storm giant (with greatsword and magic powers in the photo)
titan (sword and armour, like out of Greek mythology)
cloud giant (with sword and mace)

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  1. Mumak and crew may be done, but need another 12 spear men to make it "legal". It's taking forever but can't wait to have either a mumak vs mumak army battle or just a two mumak harad horde versus others!