Sunday, January 13, 2013

200 Cardboard Heroes

Well, that took less time than I expected :) Two days, and I've assembled 200 of the Cardboard Hero fantasy figures! There's still plenty more to do (such as dragons!) but I've ran out of washers to glue things onto, so I'll get around to the rest another time. As for now, I've got heaps and heaps of encounter types that can be run now, and lots and lots of player and npc options!

Here's a some pics from a shelf of cardboard heroes! I'm still impressed that every figure is a unique illustration. (some of the pics are a little blurry - figures are really clear and crisp in real life)

Orcs and bandits and shadows and skeletons and half-orcs and gargoyles and golems and kobolds and more!

Some humans and halflings!

Zombies and Liches and lizard men and half-orcs and hobgolbins and more!  There's even dwarf and halfling skeletons and zombies :)

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