Friday, January 25, 2013

1st Ed Descent heroes finished at last!

Just click on the picture, or right click and open in a new window, like any other image. Here's a bigger image of one of them to give you an idea of them:

Okay, so it's not every single hero in the board game (there's so many of them!), because I decided there are so many heroes, I'll just stick for now with the 13 of them that are in a finished state, because that's heaps of heroes to pick from.

I finished washing and highlighting them, and also I got some 'moss' that you can attach to bases and scenery, which I'll use on the plaster 3d dungeon tiles, so I put some on their bases as well to tie them in with the map tiles.


  1. Are the minis stable enough? And what height are they? They came on pretty nice, especially the 2nd from the bottom row!

    1. Thanks! I had them on a curving piece of white paper when I took the photos, that's why their bases don't seem flat on the ground. The bases are 20mm and the figures stand between 25mm and 30mm tall, but on average are smaller and thinner than a GW figure such as a Harad Spearman. I'll post a comparison photo :)