Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Red Band Marauder Riders part 1

Put together and painted the first horse for the Red Band Marauder riders (serpent guard stats). I think I'll try and get all the horses painted in this scheme, so that it's like they have 'matching uniform' with the Marauder spearmen themselves who ride the horses.

I'm also doing one of these horses for the rider chieftain figure instead of putting the rider on his own horse, which didn't have any of the armour/clothing on it, so the whole group matches. I should have 4 riders with poison spears, and the chieftain, when done.

The figures I'm using for the four Marauders with spears are standard Haradrim Raider figures, which come as 3 spear riders, two archers, and a banner bearer. I cut the blade off an infantry spearman, and glued it onto the banner pole to make a makeshift fourth spear, so I can get my four spear riders to go with the chieftain.

Anyway, here's the first horse in my Marauder colours. It'll look better once the gold-masked red riders are on top of the horses :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Watcher of Karna August 2012

Well, I'm going through a painting phase again :) I'm alternating minis between the different games I play, and today I did a Watcher of Karna.

My first Watchers of Karna were back when I was learning to paint LOTR minis, and I was never all that happy with how they turned out. Up close they don't look very good, though they're alright for looking at while they're in play down on the table. Anyway, I had another one unpainted, and thought I'd try making a better one, using the new GW paints and washes, and some better brushes.

The photos came out a bit dark on my screen. I tried to brighten them up a bit on the computer, so hopefully it looks okay on people's monitors.

(if you go to view them full screen, please remember that the figures are actually only an inch tall - so the 'thick' brush strokes on the robe don't look so blocky in real life.)