Thursday, April 12, 2012

Upcoming Battle Report: with Mumak!

Had a fantastic battle with my brother today. I lost, but I had heaps of fun stomping around with the Mumak! Here's some pics :) I'll post when the report is up on his blog. I chose the scenario today: hold the ground. At the end of the game, for every figure you have touching the 'ancient Elven oasis' in the middle, you get 1 victory point. Whoever has the most points wins. I was expecting to circle the oasis in my mumak, squashing hordes of goblins - but I was surprised to encounter 3 trolls and a horde of wargs! The trolls were tough, and the battles between the mumak and rock throwing spearmen, and the trolls, were lots of fun :)

Here's a 'brave' goblin charging at the mumak's rear. Took this photo just to show how big the mumak is :)

Here's the guys I had left at the end of the game: hasharin, a watcher, a couple spearman and chieftain up on the mumak.

Here's the Mumak taking a closer look at three charging trolls!

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