Sunday, April 22, 2012

Step By Step: Harad Red Band Chieftain

Paints Used:
abaddon black
khorne red
mephiston red
wild rider red
xereus purple
genestealer purple
kislev flesh
gehenna's gold
runefang steel
nuln oil
agrax earthshade
Poison Coating:
thraka green (haven't bought the new equivalent yet)

Okay, so thought I'd post another step by step painting guide. This time, in my Red Band Marauder paint scheme, doing up a Chieftain. Basically, the Red Band Marauders are like Serpent Guards, but using normal Harad minis. So the Red Band Chieftain can purchase poisoned melee instead of poisoned bow, and has the same rule as the Serpent Guards, re-rolling to wound if he rolls a 1.
The 'Red Band' paint scheme is all red clothing, with a purple cloak, and a little bit of gold in places, with gold hilts on weapons, gold back banner with red cloth on it, and green tinted blades for poisoned blades.

Step By Step:
Undercoat in abaddon black. Paint cloth areas in khorne red.

Paint gold areas in Gehenna's Gold. Paint across eyes and nose for 'gold mask'

Paint skin areas in Kislev Flesh

paint cloak in xereus purple

paint blades in ironbreaker

base coats are done. Now, wash the figure with nuln oil.

Now the figure has washed and dried. Time to start adding color back onto it.
The next steps are repainting each area, with the original colours, being sure not to paint in the depths of any folds and recesses - so that those areas remain in shadow.

(Also, outline the gold mask area with a very thin line of black paint, to set it apart from the skin.)

Now we begin highlighting. To the raised faces of the model, start adding a lighter shade of the paints. For red, this is mephiston red, for metal it is runefang steel, for cloak drybrush with genestealer purple to highlight it.

Now to all the red, the most up-facing parts of the cloth, highlight another time, now with wild rider red.

To finish, wash the blades with Thraka Green for a poisoned blade look.

After basing the figure, it is done!


  1. Looks good. How do you like the new paints?

    1. I like them a lot :) I think the replacements for the old washes work a bit better, seems to gather more shadow into the recesses, and doesn't spill and drip all over the models as much as before. The Base series of paints are really fantastic - spread very smoothly, and total cover of whatever is under them. I remember the old paint, Blood Red, used to be a bit smeary looking, and straight over black, black would show through. No problem with the new reds. I also like that the paint pots have a transparent top. When you shake up the paints, the color of the paints sticks to the inside of the pot's lid, so that when you look into a box full of paints, you can instantly see what color is where. No more hunting for colors :)

  2. He looks great! I can't wait to see him with other Red Band Marauders!
    How many Marauders will you include in your army?

    1. To start with, just four riders with poisoned spears, and the chieftain (and the infantry stand-ins for when they are not on horses). But then I'll see where I go from there. Got to wait for GW to get more Haradrim Raiders in stock though - they told me it could be a month before they can send me a box :(