Monday, April 2, 2012

My standard Harad warbands

Okay, so here's my aproximate 810 points Harad army I'm using at the moment.
It's been a while since I posted photos on the blog, be sure to check out the army shot in the previous post :)

Warband 1:
The Betrayer on Armoured Horse
2 Watcher of Karna with bows
4 Watchers of Karna

Warband 2:
Suladan on Horseback
1 Raider with Banner
2 Raiders with War Spears
3 Raiders with Bows

Warband 3:
1 Banner Bearer
9 Harad Warriors

Warband 4:
Chieftain with Bow and Spear
10 Warriors of Karna with Bows

Warband 5:
Chieftain with Spear
9 Warriors


  1. I see some awesome looking Haradrim - and congratulations on finishing an army!