Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hasharin: Sindbane and Sindbar

So, I've given my hasharin a name - and a brother in the shadows!

Sindbar is my dual poisoned dagger wielding Beggar King. By day, he disguises himself as a beggar on the streets of Umbar, where his network of thieves and cutthroats are his eyes and ears. By night, he stalks the rooftops in search of enemies of the Hasharii.

Sindbane is my mask-wearing assassin. He is known as the Lord of Assassins, though he has never openly claimed such a title. It is rumored that he is in fact one of the Lords of Umbar, but any who have seen the face behind the assassin's mask have found a quick - but painful - death, from his poisoned blade.

Here's Sinbane and Sindbar, ready for action!


  1. So cool! Love the slight green tint on the weapons and you know I'm a fan of back story.

  2. looking really good (did you use Thraka Green wash on the blade?), the back story are bases are good too

  3. Thanks! Yes, washed with Thraka Green.

  4. They both look amazing!

  5. Amazing though the one on the left is the old suladan model

    1. Thanks! I've got the new Suladan figure, so I turned my old one into an extra Hasharin figure, to make it easy to tell them apart on the board, and to save having to buy a second one :)