Sunday, April 15, 2012

Harad: Red Band Marauders

I've wanted to have some poison melee guys, but the metal GW Serpent Guard and Serpent Rider figures cost so much. I thought instead, I might paint up some normal Raiders and Spearmen, and use toothpicks and greenstuff to make back banners for the spearmen, and put green wash on their blades (for poison) to make my own poison melee guys.

Basically, they are Serpent Raiders / Serpent Guard stats, but with normal figures. I call them the Red Band Marauders.

Anyway, here's my test paint scheme. I'm trying out giving these 'elite' warriors golden face-masks as well.


  1. very cool. I don't like the Serpent Guard models - so the extra cost is doubly undesirable. I used to run my normal haradrim warriors as serpent guard on occasion, but now that the base point costs for warriors has gone up, it's kinda a "no duh" to pay the 1pt to play them as serpent guard.

    1. What also irked me is that the serpent riders come in packs of 5, and the serpent infantry come in packs of 3... and you have to have 1 infantry for each rider to play the rider... I don't know what they were thinking!

  2. Have you tried the face mask yet?