Monday, April 2, 2012


Finally! Years in the making!

I've base coated every one of my haradrim, I've washed every figure, and I've detail-based them all! I've only gone and added more details/highlighted some of them, but they are all completely covered now. (Except the rim of the Mumak's base, which will have to come at a later date).

Anyway, I'm really happy with how it's turned out :)

Here's the Harad Horde! If you right-click to open the picture in new tab/window, (or hold down finger on a touch device, to bring up the menu) you should be able to see and zoom in/out on the full size photo (hopefully Blogger hasn't shrunk it too much).


  1. Totally awesome!

    Can't wait to battle them =)

    Any chance of a warband by warband photo/list with points (will help me work out different options to fight against them and might be of interest to other readers too)?

    The backdrop is really good too, for the photo.

    Looking forward to seeing them for real!


  2. spectacular! the bases look great against your gaming table too. I am constantly amazed by the massiveness of the mumak. I really need to add one to my harad army too

  3. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!
    Following your blog!!


  4. I like it too! Someone from France.