Sunday, April 22, 2012

Step By Step: Harad Red Band Chieftain

Paints Used:
abaddon black
khorne red
mephiston red
wild rider red
xereus purple
genestealer purple
kislev flesh
gehenna's gold
runefang steel
nuln oil
agrax earthshade
Poison Coating:
thraka green (haven't bought the new equivalent yet)

Okay, so thought I'd post another step by step painting guide. This time, in my Red Band Marauder paint scheme, doing up a Chieftain. Basically, the Red Band Marauders are like Serpent Guards, but using normal Harad minis. So the Red Band Chieftain can purchase poisoned melee instead of poisoned bow, and has the same rule as the Serpent Guards, re-rolling to wound if he rolls a 1.
The 'Red Band' paint scheme is all red clothing, with a purple cloak, and a little bit of gold in places, with gold hilts on weapons, gold back banner with red cloth on it, and green tinted blades for poisoned blades.

Step By Step:
Undercoat in abaddon black. Paint cloth areas in khorne red.

Paint gold areas in Gehenna's Gold. Paint across eyes and nose for 'gold mask'

Paint skin areas in Kislev Flesh

paint cloak in xereus purple

paint blades in ironbreaker

base coats are done. Now, wash the figure with nuln oil.

Now the figure has washed and dried. Time to start adding color back onto it.
The next steps are repainting each area, with the original colours, being sure not to paint in the depths of any folds and recesses - so that those areas remain in shadow.

(Also, outline the gold mask area with a very thin line of black paint, to set it apart from the skin.)

Now we begin highlighting. To the raised faces of the model, start adding a lighter shade of the paints. For red, this is mephiston red, for metal it is runefang steel, for cloak drybrush with genestealer purple to highlight it.

Now to all the red, the most up-facing parts of the cloth, highlight another time, now with wild rider red.

To finish, wash the blades with Thraka Green for a poisoned blade look.

After basing the figure, it is done!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Harad: Red Band Marauders

I've wanted to have some poison melee guys, but the metal GW Serpent Guard and Serpent Rider figures cost so much. I thought instead, I might paint up some normal Raiders and Spearmen, and use toothpicks and greenstuff to make back banners for the spearmen, and put green wash on their blades (for poison) to make my own poison melee guys.

Basically, they are Serpent Raiders / Serpent Guard stats, but with normal figures. I call them the Red Band Marauders.

Anyway, here's my test paint scheme. I'm trying out giving these 'elite' warriors golden face-masks as well.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hasharin: Sindbane and Sindbar

So, I've given my hasharin a name - and a brother in the shadows!

Sindbar is my dual poisoned dagger wielding Beggar King. By day, he disguises himself as a beggar on the streets of Umbar, where his network of thieves and cutthroats are his eyes and ears. By night, he stalks the rooftops in search of enemies of the Hasharii.

Sindbane is my mask-wearing assassin. He is known as the Lord of Assassins, though he has never openly claimed such a title. It is rumored that he is in fact one of the Lords of Umbar, but any who have seen the face behind the assassin's mask have found a quick - but painful - death, from his poisoned blade.

Here's Sinbane and Sindbar, ready for action!

Battle report up

Details and photos of our Mumak vs Trolls battle are up now on my brother's blog:
Check it out!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Upcoming Battle Report: with Mumak!

Had a fantastic battle with my brother today. I lost, but I had heaps of fun stomping around with the Mumak! Here's some pics :) I'll post when the report is up on his blog. I chose the scenario today: hold the ground. At the end of the game, for every figure you have touching the 'ancient Elven oasis' in the middle, you get 1 victory point. Whoever has the most points wins. I was expecting to circle the oasis in my mumak, squashing hordes of goblins - but I was surprised to encounter 3 trolls and a horde of wargs! The trolls were tough, and the battles between the mumak and rock throwing spearmen, and the trolls, were lots of fun :)

Here's a 'brave' goblin charging at the mumak's rear. Took this photo just to show how big the mumak is :)

Here's the guys I had left at the end of the game: hasharin, a watcher, a couple spearman and chieftain up on the mumak.

Here's the Mumak taking a closer look at three charging trolls!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Battle Report

Another battle report up on my brother's blog. We used the new books, and had lots of fun! His goblin horde versus my harad horde. So many goblins! Even at the end! Check it out here:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Serpent of Harad (Dragon)

I put a devlan mud wash over my heroscape dragon, and glued him onto a LOTR dragon sized base, to create:
The Serpent of Harad!
Sitting on a pile of gold and jewels :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

My standard Harad warbands

Okay, so here's my aproximate 810 points Harad army I'm using at the moment.
It's been a while since I posted photos on the blog, be sure to check out the army shot in the previous post :)

Warband 1:
The Betrayer on Armoured Horse
2 Watcher of Karna with bows
4 Watchers of Karna

Warband 2:
Suladan on Horseback
1 Raider with Banner
2 Raiders with War Spears
3 Raiders with Bows

Warband 3:
1 Banner Bearer
9 Harad Warriors

Warband 4:
Chieftain with Bow and Spear
10 Warriors of Karna with Bows

Warband 5:
Chieftain with Spear
9 Warriors


Finally! Years in the making!

I've base coated every one of my haradrim, I've washed every figure, and I've detail-based them all! I've only gone and added more details/highlighted some of them, but they are all completely covered now. (Except the rim of the Mumak's base, which will have to come at a later date).

Anyway, I'm really happy with how it's turned out :)

Here's the Harad Horde! If you right-click to open the picture in new tab/window, (or hold down finger on a touch device, to bring up the menu) you should be able to see and zoom in/out on the full size photo (hopefully Blogger hasn't shrunk it too much).