Saturday, February 25, 2012

A fun match!

Played another match with my brother last thursday. We rolled up the scenario where each hero has to try and rack up as many kills as possible before the end of the match, and Suladan won. Had some fun moments though.

Here some dwarven archers are pelting the haradrim, with Suladan and another rider charging into lines of dwarves, by a rocky hill.

At one point, thought Suladan was dead, having lost the fight roll, and lost every fate roll, etc, and being utterly slaughtered - then a moment later, remembering that there was a banner next to him, so he could have re-rolled. Being a freindly match, my brother let me re-roll the fight roll - and Suladan won, and took them out! A close call!

Here the Betrayer is trying out black darts on dwarves. Those shield dwarves are really, really tough!

At the last turn, my banner bearer was actually still in the match! He got surrounded on all sides by angry dwarves, who chopped him up, with Suladan looking on in the background. The statue was magically moved to the location for a more interesting photo :)

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