Saturday, December 31, 2011

painted citadel battlemat

I've got two of the fake-grass citadel battlemats, and getting tired of a blank expanse of green (especially after browsing photos of people's flocked and painted boards) I decided to experiment today! I brushed paint lightly onto a mat, to create european style fields. Mostly it was for my 15mm historical minis, but it should be fine for LOTR as well.

Here's some pics with LOTR figures on it.

For more pictures, and what I did, see my 15mm historicals blog, at this address:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Pegasus Prepainted Castle Ruins

They don't make these pre-painting castle ruin walls anymore - discontinued. Luckily, I found some guy selling heaps of them on ebay, and doubled my collection cheap! Awesome! Here's some pics of the complete set now :) Ruined towns, ruined castles, crumbling dungoen room/passageways. So many ways to lay them out!

All the wall pieces now!

A big castle ruin!

A ten room overgrown 'dungeon' with gaps between 'rooms' to make passageways