Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow board

I've been making a snow table for more scenery variety. I've been blogging the making of it on my star wars blog, since it was mainly created for things like snowtroopers vs hoth troopers for cold-weather star wars battles, but it will, of course, be useable for anything at all!

Just look at the January 2011 posts to see plenty of photos and stuff.

It's still drying, but being impatient, and quite loving the look of it, I've been sitting all my scenery objects and figures on it to see how they look. Anyway, here's some of the ruins castle walls and rubble, on the snow boards! As always, click on it for a bigger picture.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

painting more harad spearmen

I've done the Scab Red coat on a number of extra spearmen today! I'm going to do them a step at a time, amid other painting projects. It's a lot quicker doing the same colour on a bunch of figures all at once, rather than completing a single figure at a time. It also means that when the last colour is done, I'll have a group of completed figures all at once :) Anyway, I've done some red in different parts to add some variation.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heroscape Dragon

Rather than buying a LOTR dragon miniature, I already had a heroscape figure, so we tend to use that. Anyway, while waiting for my harad/rohan undercoats to dry, I'm playing around with my camera :)

harad spearmen and rohan riders #1

I've started working on a new batch of harad spearmen and rohan riders. My brother cut them out and glued them together for me (I just never get around to doing that!). I enjoy the painting step though, so I've sprayed them black, and once that's dry, I can start putting on all the colours :)