Monday, December 6, 2010

Building Tutorial: Portable Harad Buildings with stable roof

I got out my paper (printed A4 card paper) harad theme buildings, which I based on the pictures in the Harad sourcebook. Keeping it portable - so that the walls fold flat, and the roof is taped into it, is not very stable, especially with metal miniatures. The roof starts to sag, and it just doesn't work as well as I had hoped. But I don't want to glue the roofs into position, because the whole idea of paper scenery is to fold it flat and stick it in a drawer when not using it.

I got some foamboard off my brother a while back, and had forgotten about it - but I saw it today and had some inspiration.

Here's how to get a stable building, with solid roof, that can be folded up and packed away, using printable thick (card) paper and some foamboard, and some toothpicks :)

Step 1:
Cut out foamboard to the shape of the roof pieces.
2: gather lots of toothpicks
3: walls. I made these ages ago. Four walls, taped together, same length so that it can fold flat, or unfold to form a square of walls. There is a double-line that goes around the walls at the same height, which marks 'roof level'. Come in one brick from the edge, and with a craft knife, make a small incision beneath the roof-line.

4: cut the toothpicks in half, and insert them into the holes, so only a bit of toothpick remains jutting out. Lay the foamboard roof tile inside the building, sitting on the toothpicks! The 8 pieces of toothpick hold the roof steady in place, and the cardstock walls are thick enough to remain entirely stable, even with lots of metal figures!
5: lay the paper roof-tile printed out earlier on top of the matching foam board roof
6: And there you have it! A portable paper/card/foam board/toothpick building! So easy!
For a finishing touch, at some stage, I'll paint the toothpick bits jutting out of the walls in a darker wood paint colour, so they don't look so toothpicky. Hope this gives people some good ideas!


  1. where did you get the patern for the walls

  2. Hi! I made it on my computer in a graphics program. I scanned pictures of Harad buildings, from the LOTR Strategy Battle Game: Harad Sourcebook, and I cut out parts of the walls, and rearranged them on my computer screen to make the paper walls. Then I cut and pasted the doors and windows from the scanned photos, resized them, and stuck them on the wall images, to get the final pictures to print out. Then printed it out, and sticky taped the walls together.

  3. could you send them to me if you still have them (the virtual walls)

  4. Sorry! Last year my hard drive crashed, and most of my projects were lost. I'd have to create them all over again, and it's not a project I'm looking to do at the moment.

  5. What are the measurements for the walls?

    1. hi! I think, from looking at the photos, that the walls were 5 inches long each, making a square shaped building, and maybe an inch and a half high, plus a bit more for the raised corners which I think were waist-high on a figure. Then the roof would just be a 5 x 5 inch square. I don't think I have the models anymore, sorry.

  6. I'm starting a Harad army soon and I'm trying to make some buildings to match