Monday, December 6, 2010

Harad village with steady roofs

I've done all my houses now, with the toothpicks and foamboard roofs. Works great!

Somewhere in the forests surrounding the ruins of Karna lie many a harad village...

Building Tutorial: Portable Harad Buildings with stable roof

I got out my paper (printed A4 card paper) harad theme buildings, which I based on the pictures in the Harad sourcebook. Keeping it portable - so that the walls fold flat, and the roof is taped into it, is not very stable, especially with metal miniatures. The roof starts to sag, and it just doesn't work as well as I had hoped. But I don't want to glue the roofs into position, because the whole idea of paper scenery is to fold it flat and stick it in a drawer when not using it.

I got some foamboard off my brother a while back, and had forgotten about it - but I saw it today and had some inspiration.

Here's how to get a stable building, with solid roof, that can be folded up and packed away, using printable thick (card) paper and some foamboard, and some toothpicks :)

Step 1:
Cut out foamboard to the shape of the roof pieces.
2: gather lots of toothpicks
3: walls. I made these ages ago. Four walls, taped together, same length so that it can fold flat, or unfold to form a square of walls. There is a double-line that goes around the walls at the same height, which marks 'roof level'. Come in one brick from the edge, and with a craft knife, make a small incision beneath the roof-line.

4: cut the toothpicks in half, and insert them into the holes, so only a bit of toothpick remains jutting out. Lay the foamboard roof tile inside the building, sitting on the toothpicks! The 8 pieces of toothpick hold the roof steady in place, and the cardstock walls are thick enough to remain entirely stable, even with lots of metal figures!
5: lay the paper roof-tile printed out earlier on top of the matching foam board roof
6: And there you have it! A portable paper/card/foam board/toothpick building! So easy!
For a finishing touch, at some stage, I'll paint the toothpick bits jutting out of the walls in a darker wood paint colour, so they don't look so toothpicky. Hope this gives people some good ideas!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Upcoming family tournament

For details see these two posts in my brother's blog:
The rules and points: The armies we are using: (I'm Harondor (Gondor) and Harad)

My brother came up with an idea of having a tournament, so we're coming up with a good and evil army each, at 250 points each (or close to), then have four battles, pitting each of the four armies against the other, with a series of hero 'oaths' (goals to achieve to gain points) and a number of things that can happen during a game earning points to that player. At the end of the four battles, the person with the most tournament points is the victor! Sounds like fun!

I'm still painting up some spearmen for my Harad entry, but here's a photo of my Gondor seletion for the tournament. I still haven't based the two heroes properly yet (lots of other painting at the moment) but I managed to paint up a Warrior of Numenor, which I use as a Captain (hero) for my Gondor forces.

Prince Isanmar of Harondor, and his retinue.

The southern realms of Gondor fall under assault by the Men of the South time and time again. Prince Isanmar of Harondor travels the lands of Free Men, searching for recruits to bolster Gondor’s southern realms. Along the way, his loyal retinue protects him from all manner of dangers – but when pressed, enemies will find that the Prince is no stranger to the ways of war!

(245 points Good Army)

1 x King of Men (Prince Isanmar of Harondor) with heavy armour and shield (Boromir figure)
1 x Captain of Minas Tirith (Captain of Harondor) with shield (Warrior of Numenor figure)
6 x Warriors of Minas Tirith with Swords and Shields (Isanmar’s Bodyguards)
8 x Warriors of Minas Tirith with Spears and Shields (Isanmar’s Bodyguards)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Star Wars and Doctor Who

Off topic - for those interested in miniatures gaming in general, feel free to browse my other miniatures games blogs!

Doctor Who:

Star Wars:

Battle Reports for November 2010

I played two more matches with my brother in November, which were great fun, and there's lots of descriptions and photos at his blog! Be sure to check it out, and see how dwarves, haradrim, goblins, a balrog, a mumak, and more, fare in these awesome battles!