Sunday, November 14, 2010

repainting and basing haradrim part 2

I've started working on the haradrim infantry, and am having a great time! Ages ago when I bought my first human army - a Warriors of Harad box set, I just blocked in areas in an appropriate colour, and they were ready to play. Now that I've gained a bit of experience, I'm going back over them all, and making them better.

To start with, I applied thick washes (citedal washes, like devlin mud and badab black) all over the miniatures. This causes all of the indents and creases to become visible. I then brush the initial paint colour back onto those parts of the miniature, but avoiding the creases so they stay dark. I then drybrush a lighter colour onto it, or very carefully paint the tips of raised surfaces in a bright colour.

Now they are much more fun to look at, with layers of colour, and all the features of the figure are now clearly visible even if sitting on the other side of the table.

Here's my first three 'almost complete' warriors, though I haven't based them yet (I'm waiting for a tub of citedal grass to come in the mail). I'm taking a break from warriors now to repaint my Hasharin assassin.

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  1. Looking really nice! Can't wait to see them based as well.