Friday, May 28, 2010

Today's Battle

Played a fantastically fun battle with my brother today. The scenario had us both trying to hold a hill in the middle of the map, and if we ever rolled tie for priority, a fierce wind blew atop the hill and knocked everyone over!

Here's some cropped photos from today's battle. For more photos and a battle report, you'll have to check out my brother's LOTR blog report:

So here's some cropped photos from today's scenario!

Some photos of my Boromir led force:

My brother's Dwarven force for this scenario:
A pic showing some of the Stat cards I made for quick reference. They will eventually have photos of their appropriate miniature in the white space on the left of each card:
Some cropped photos from today's battle showing some of my forces:

Some of my brother's heavily armoured dwarves:

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