Tuesday, May 25, 2010

some rohan miniatures

Yesterday I tried something different, and painted three Rohan figures: a captain of Rohan (warrior painted in captain paint scheme) and two warriors of Rohan. Today I thought I'd make a mounted captain of Rohan to match the foot figure. The only problem was, my Rider of Rohan models didn't have a figure that looked the same as the warrior of Rohan model I used.

So, a little bit of customisation. I selected a Rider of Rohan figure that had a similar body and helmet - but there was no crest on the helmet, and the figure was made to attach a spear arm to. So I made a simple crest out of green stuff and stuck it on his head, and I cut an axe arm off another rider, so that I could use the axe arm on this 'captain', and attach the spear arm to the figure the axe came from at some later date.

Anyway, the result is a captain foot and mounted, and two warriors with swords and shields! (the shield in the warrior on the right looks better since taking this photo. I touched it up and tried to use washes to define the circle of three horses heads a bit better)

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