Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sailing Ship

Next week, I'm playing a scenario with my brother, during the uprisings in Harad. He is a dwarven force, with a noble visiting a coastal Haradrim city during the years of the Gondorian occupation of the south. It's based on the Uprising scenario in the Harad sourcebook, but modified for what miniatures we have. His heroes have to escape to a ship, waiting on the docks, at the west edge of the board. I was going to make a simple paper model of a boat for him to escape to, and then I remembered... at Christmas, I got a piratology book that came with a cardstock model of a pirate ship! I got out the pieces, and put it together, and it's perfect for miniatures!!! Here's some photos with Haradrim on the deck :)

I wasn't going to buy any of the corsairs that can fight with haradrim forces, but now I'm tempted to buy some just so they can park their pirate ship on the edge of a map and enter our battles in some scenarios :)


  1. that's a pretty cool looking ship Paul! A great addition.

  2. What book? I love this.

    1. Pirateology Pirate's Guide and Model Ship