Wednesday, May 26, 2010

photographic battle mat

I made my own glossy print-out battle mat using textures from middle-eastern satellite photography, and some other ground/grass textures, blending together to form a mat that almost covers my 3' x 5' table.

Again, I wish the camera I'm using could capture the colours exactly as I'm seeing them, but I've tried to adjust some of the photos slightly to get them closer to the actual thing. The odd thing is, when I took the shot showing the whole table, and when I take zoomed in photos, it has different colours/tones in the photos, even though in real life they are the same colours/tones!

The upside of the glossy paper is that the quality of the printing is amazing, and the colours and light/dark in the printing is strong and clear. When printing on plain paper or cardstock, its very faded and muted.

The downside is that there are shadowy reflections of any scenery object or miniature that is placed on the map, because of the coating on the paper. However, this only becomes very visible when taking photos from down low, and most of the time, it's just not all that noticeable or jarring while moving around and playing on it.

Anyway, here's some photos with my two 15mm miniatures (yes, I have to do more of my army!!! Still waiting for plastic bases to arrive so I can actually base them)

Some LOTR minis on the board (haven't finished working on their bases yet)

this shot has two scales of minis in it

End of table view of the battle mat.

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