Wednesday, May 26, 2010

photo backdrop for battle mat

I searched the net for desert landscape photos, and came across this fantastic image! Similar colours and great angle. I enlarge it to the width of my table, then applied a medium Gaussian Blur to the image to take away all of the pixellation.

It's a bit blurry right up close from the enlargement, but great for standing back and looking at! Adds heaps of immersian to a tabletop game :)


  1. I like the backdrop and the mat. Did you tape the sheets together for the mat? And how do you plan on storing it?

  2. I taped the sheets with small tabs of tape on the back of the mat. I've found with printed mats, when I want to store them, I just get a craft knife and slit the tabs between a couple sections of sheets, to make smaller areas that can stack and go in my cupboard. Then I just put new tabs of tape on the back when I want to assemble it on the table again :)

  3. That backdrop really looks good. It really adds!