Sunday, May 23, 2010

mystery miniature

I'm playing a match with my brother later this week. We're deciding on a point value, and then bringing any of our forces to the match - without telling each other what sort of army or force composition we will be using.

Will he pit me against dwarves or goblins? Will there be a troll? Or giant spiders and wargs? Will I stomp across the battlefield with my Mumak? Who knows what will happen.

As a result, I can't post a photo of the latest miniature I've painted, because it is a 'mystery miniature' that I will be pitting against my brother later this week! After the match, I will post a photo, because I like it :)

I tried painting it a different way to how I normally paint things, and it was interesting how it came out. So stay tuned to see what it looks like!

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