Monday, May 10, 2010

the joy of washes

My brother recently got a bunch of new pots of washes, and leant me his old black wash to try it out on some of my minis. I haven't used washes before.

I was astounded by the detail that it brings, as the pigment settles into all the dips and grooves of the miniatures. I was even more astounded at the panel-work detail it gave to some of my Battletech miniatures! I'm definitely going to buy a collection of washes next payday, and apply them to all of my miniature collections!

The battlemechs shown here (sorry, not LOTR related, I know) were just flat paint, and now all of the panelwork is visible. I love the Atlas's skull-face head now, and the Cyclops (the green and tan coloured one) really shows the panelwork well, where before you could see almost none of it at all!

As always, click on picture for larger view. (Sorry about the poor lighting in the photos). I love how the LOTR mini's faces really show now.

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