Tuesday, May 4, 2010

current harad army

(EDIT: I forgot to add the raiders with bows when adding up my army below, which means this listed army isn't worth 1000 points, and doesn't have 33% archers. I'll have to come up with a new army list using the figures I have, to get a 33% archer total, and adjust the 'abilities' assigned to the Mumak.)

I still have to paint 2 archers, 1 spearman and 1 Mumak Commander, and finish the top of the Mumak, to complete my 1000 point army.

993 points (roughly 1000 points):

The Betrayer
Suladan the Serpent Lord on Horse
Haradrim Chieftain
Mumak with commander
10 archers in Mumak
2 Watchers of Karna with bows, in Mumak
4 Watchers of Karna
10 Spearmen
1 Raider with banner
2 Raiders with war spears
3 Raiders with bows

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